Seeker Lover Keeper Wild Seeds album coverBetween their last critically revered, self-titled album in 2011, the triumvirate of Seeker Lover Keeper hasn’t rested on any laurels: Holly Throsby, Sarah Blasko and Sally Seltmann have variously written novels; released solo albums; composed for film, television, and dance; co-written with other musicians, and raised families. Throsby says that throughout their friendship, the three have inspired one another in countless ways.

“We all put our first records out in the same year, coincidentally, in 2004,” she says, “and since then I’ve watched both Sally and Sarah undertake so many projects that kind of veer off from what we all started out as, which is singer-songwriters. I guess it’s one of those things: I kind of knew they had it in them.”

On new album Wild Seeds, thoughtfully sparse arrangements and uncomplicated but sumptuous melodies bloom across the tracklist. Throsby says that although the way the three women work individually is distinct, elements dovetail in a special way between them: “[Sally and I] work quite instinctively; [we] would sit down and a song would kind of become itself in an more unintentioned way, I guess. Sally is much more accustomed to songwriting in a collaborative sense. She’s done a lot of cowrites and spent a lot of time co-writing with big stars and stuff.

“We just kind of feel it when a melody is working,” she adds. “I feel it in a real bodily sense – I get kind of a tingle if I feel like a melody really works. And that’s really nice when you get that tingling. ‘Cause you think, well, if I get the tingle maybe other people will when they hear it, too.”

With a focus on paring back the instrumental components, the trio were adamant that this record would be one that wouldn’t need a parade of samples or dubs to make it work live. “As a group we were quite cognisant of the fact that we didn’t want to overcomplicate things in terms of melody and structure and lyrical content, and also arrangement and production,” she says. “We wanted to limit ourselves, and to make a record that we can faithfully re-create on stage: the three of us with a drummer and a bass player.”

That meant a refreshingly rapid method of recording. “We did one rehearsal with the band and then recorded the album, and it was really live,” says Throsby. “So, it really had a very fresh-out- of-the-writing-process feel, and I can hear that in the songs. And I love that.”

Wild Seeds by Seeker Lover Keeper is out Aug 9 via Liberation.

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