When die-hard music fan Riina Bailey describes her extensive vinyl collection, she can affectionately list her favourites: Bowie, Pond, Pink Floyd… but then, The Smurfs? “It’s got a song about brushing your teeth,” the Processor/Media Advisor at Perth’s Carousel store laughs. “I’m like, ‘Why do I have this? I don’t know!” But she’s reluctant to get rid of any of the 500+ LPs she’s amassed since she began collecting in Year 10, when she’d scour op shops for good deals.

Having worked at JB for five years now, Riina cherishes the connections it’s afforded her: “I’ve made some of my closest friends here, bonding through our love for music and our kooky personalities – and it’s a workplace where it’s socially acceptable to dance.”

When Carousel JB introduced vinyl, she tried to keep her cool and stick to only the most necessary reissues – and then the coloured vinyl began to appear. “They’re so pretty to look at, while they’re spinning,” she says. “And when I [was receiving fresh stock in-store], I’d get to see all the new releases come in before any one else! That’s exciting, but bad – you just want to buy everything. ‘Oh yep, I’ll just put that one aside,’” she laughs.

Having recently picked up King Gizzard’s 15th album Infest The Rats’ Nest on the limited gold/red vinyl, Riina dedicated herself to getting up to date with the rest of the band’s coloured catalogue (reissued via Flightless). They’re an act she’s enjoyed seeing live many times. “The last time we saw them was in Port Beach – the beach was in the background, the sun was setting, it was so beautiful,” she says. “The first time I saw them, they came and did a gig at Metro City with Mac DeMarco. Mac was flying off the bannisters, climbing the walls, jumping to the crowd from the second storey. Crazy stuff!” She’s a fan of the cruisy musician, and his latest album, this year’s Here Comes The Cowboy. “Every album, I think, ‘You can’t be more relaxed than you are now.’ And then he does it again. ‘How chill are you, as a person?’ He’ll be sleeping on the next album. Just him snoring – a concept album,” she laughs.

Riina gets out often to see live music at Perth’s best small venues – which include The Bird, Aardvark and Mojo’s – and some of her favourite acts are local. “I reckon Perth bands are the greatest,” she says, telling the story of seeing Stella Donnelly play in a tiny café to five people a few years ago. “My friend’s band Ghost Care recently recruited Tanaya Harper to play with them; they’re great,” she says, adding Demon Days (“they’re a bit like Hiatus Kaiyote”), Aborted Tortoise (“a punky vibe”), and Hideous Sun Demon (“they’re just the most fun to bump around with!”) to her cache of front-runners: “Every day of the week out in Perth, you can find good music.”