Reverence Parkway DriveToday, Byron five-piece Parkway Drive have released the clip for Prey, from upcoming album Reverence (out May 11). Frontman Winston McCall told us about recording the live-ready hollers of the track’s chorus, during our interview about the heart-tearing new record.

“It’s all of us idiots in the studio,” he laughs. “When we do the gang vocals it’s the guys in the band, and some of our friends.

“The funny thing is, all the men sound like boys. I do all my vocal takes, and then I’m like, ‘Right, gang vocal time,’ and everyone comes in. And [they’re] like…” – McCall gives a high-pitched, tinny rendition of the Prey scream. “I have to give them instructions on how to put on a voice so it actually works, and then you’ve got to layer it, and put people in different spots in the room. You’d be surprised how much goes into making the sound of a bunch of people yelling.

“Trust me, for all the takes on there that come up shrieky, I have to do a bunch of takes which were the opposite, just to counter-balance the frequency. It’s pretty funny – it’s a fun process.”

Of the new record – the band’s sixth – McCall says: “I hope Reverence is the kind of album that redefines what people expect of us, in the sense that you can now expect the unexpected. This time around we’ve taken more risks, and I don’t think we’ve ever sounded more interesting.”

Watch the clip for Prey below, and keep an eye out for our interview with McCall as well as our feature album review.

Reverence is out May 4 via Resist/Cooking Vinyl.

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