The 16th Australian Music Prize – aka The AMP – is thumbing its collective nose at the events of 2020 and soldiering on triumphantly.

A shortlist of 52 from some 300 local 2020 album releases has been prepared, but it won’t be finalised until the end of the year, as there are still plenty of new releases on their way that will be up for consideration. The ultimate prize winner will be announced in early 2021.

Here’s the shortlist as it stands:

#1 Dads – Golden Repair
5 Seconds of Summer – Calm
Alice Ivy – Don’t Sleep
Andras – Joyful
Andrew Tuttle – Alexandra
Banoffee – Look at Us Now Dad
Big Yawn – No!
Boomalli – The Promise
Cable Ties – Far Enough
Caiti Baker – Mary of the North
Clamm – Beseech Me
DMA’s – The Glow
e44443 – Coldstream Road
Eddy Current Suppression Ring – All in Good Time
Fanny Lumsden – Fallow
Good Boy – It Takes a Lot of Skill to Milk a Mare
Gordi – Our Two Skins
Gordon Koang – Unity
Gum – Out in the World
Jack Colwell – Swandream
Jess Cornelius – Distance
Karate Boogaloo – Carn the Boogers
Katie Dey – Mydata
L-Fresh the Lion – South West
Loser – Mindless Joy
Luke Howard – The Sand That Ate the Sea
Mark Seymour & The Undertow – Slow Dawn
Miiesha – Nyaaringu
Mild Minds – Mood
Nat Vazer – Is This Offensive and Loud?
Nick Griffith – 7AM
Party Dozen – Pray for Party Dozen
Primo! – Sogni
Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – Sideways to New Italy
Roza Terenzi – Modern Bliss
RVG – Feral
Sarah Mary Chadwick – Please Daddy
Shepparton Airplane – Sharks
Simona Castricum – Panic/Desire
Snowy Band – Audio Commentary
Sophie Hutchings – Scattered on the Wind
Stevan – Just Kids
Sweet Whirl – How Much Works
Tame Impala – The Slow Rush
The Chats – High Risk Behaviour
The Friends of David McComb – Truckload of Sky
The Necks – Three
Tracey McNeil & The Goodlife – You Be the Lightning
Traffik Island – Sweat Kollecta’s Peanut Butter Traffik Jam
Vanessa Perica Orchestra – Love Is a Temporary Madness
Violent Soho – Everything Is A-OK
Ziggy Ramo – Black Thoughts