Reverberation Radio is a weekly playlist which discreetly glides onto the internet every Thursday, and features an eclectic selection of sunny, obscure and captivating tracks which you a guaranteed to adore.

That it is curated by members of LA lo-fi psychedelic rock act Allah-Las and friends could go totally unknown, if you were simply looking at its site. The idea was that this bunch of old friends and self-confessed record dorks could curate a little online archive of underrated tracks.

We bring Reverberation Radio to your attention now, because, in the words of our writer Bryget Chrisfield, “there is a most excellent Xmas-themed playlist – they properly mix the tracks together and everything! – containing actual-cool Xmas songs, some of which I have never even heard before… I am currently enjoying it to the point where I am definitely gonna play it during our family Xmas lunch on the day.”

We can only heartily echo Bryg’s comments, as just ten seconds into this twelve-song list we were overwhelmed by the gorgeous old-timey cheer of Fairport Convention’s Billy The Orphan Boy’s Lonely Christmas.

It’s highly, highly, highly recommended you click on the linked image below and scroll a tiny ways down to playlist #395.

reverberation radio xmas