BootikinsAugie March have announced the follow-up to 2014’s Havens Dumb, entitled Bootikins, to be released late February.

They’ve also released the album’s title track, which is pretty weird (both musically, with all kinds of unexpected chord changes, and lyrically – “I’m the lake, I’m the loon, I’ll take your eye with a spoon” … “When the last holly blooms I’ll fornicate with the moon”) but also definitely some kind of awesome.

Frontman Glenn Richards said of its inspiration: “The dynamic needed to match the manic nature of the words, the furious utterances, and the bloody rush of thought that occurs in the mind of any man who has dispensed with the rational or the compassionate in favour of the diabolical.  In that spirit I didn’t give contemplation much sway in the process and went largely with instinct.  It’s a very strange song for very strange times.”

Watch the lyric video below (conceived by Richards himself) and look out for extra words in there – we think he might be tossing out a couple clues.

Bootikins is out February 23 via Caroline.

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