We’ve been anticipating it for a long time now, and finally the fabulous Baker Boy has announced when his debut long-player will drop.

The album’s name? Gela. Its release date? October 15. How many tracks? 14. Who’s guesting? Glen Gurruwiwi, Uncle Jack Charles, Yirrmal, Lara Andallo, JessB, Jerome Farah, Thando and G Flip. Can we pre-order it right now? Yes!

Gela is who I am,” Baker Boy says, “and it’s my story.”

Want a taste? Sure! Here’s new single My Mind, featuring the very ace G Flip:


Baker Boy says, “Working with G Flip was a real privilege, we’ve known each other for a while through touring, but it was mad to see them in their element in the studio. G is a real talent, not only their voice, but their songwriting is like no other! My Mind is a fun tribute to the incredible women in both of our lives, we’re both really lucky to have incredible support networks, so really it’s a song for those people too!'”

Meanwhile, G Flip says, “I’ve always been a big fan of Danzal. We met on the festival circuit over the years and our time slots were always back to back, so we’ve had a lot of hang time and a lot of beer time together!! I’ve even jumped up and played drums on a track with him before so a song collab was always on the cards. We met up at the studio sometime in 2019 and My Mind was written in a day, it’s a song about appreciating the beautiful women in our lives.”

Pre-order Gela now at JB Hi-Fi.