Album cover art for Baker Boy with gold vinyl record popping outBaker Boy admits his idea at first seemed “daunting”… but then he got Bernard on the blower!

Danzal Baker can well remember when Bernard Fanning’s bittersweet break-up anthem Wish You Well hit #1 on 2005’s triple j Hottest 100, and he decided to wade into its waters for this brilliant take. Instead of beginning with Bernard’s characteristic syncopated off-beat acoustic guitar, we get a textured beat and a delicately soulful piano phrase.

(Once the electric guitar line comes in, though, an eagle-ear will recognise its tone from another Fanning-led track.)

Danzal described Bernard as a “national treasure”, continuing that the whole idea of this track “was crazy”. He continues: “I was just freaking out a little bit. Then I jumped on a call with him…”

Sounds like that call went extremely well, as Fanning himself can attest: “I love the spirit of this new version, and am so glad it’s taken such a different musical tack but maintained the buoyancy of the original. It’s the first time I’ve worked in this way, but I found it so easy because the ideas coming from Danzal and Pip [Norman, producer on Baker Boy album Gela – read our album review here] were so good.”

How does this version take a “different musical tack”, you ask? Danzal explains:

“The original isn’t really usual for Baker Boy – that vibe,” he says. “So I wanted to kind of make it into a story, where I can also apply it differently, and make it Yolŋu flavour. It’s not just in a romantic way, it’s about sharing the love – whether it’s your partner, whether it’s your friends or family… It’s also for the people that are having a hard time right now. I just wanted to spread some love through music.”

Spread some love he has; listen to Wish You Well feat. Bernard Fanning below.

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