Beyoncé recently kicked Taylor Swift out of the biggest female musician earner of 2017 spot, but it’s not enough! She’s just released a range of Christmas merch on her website.

If you’ve ever craved an exxy sweater labelled “Beyoncé holiday sweater”, “Sis the season” or “Have a thicc holiday” then ho ho ho, you’re in luck! What about US$16 wrapping paper, or a US$30 “Slay bells” iPhone case? Hey, go for it! She’s even hawking US$12 Christmas tree baubles on the site.


There’s obviously a market for this stuff, and Beyoncé is obviously one sharp operator to give Tay Tay the boot from the top dog perch. But we do wonder how much of that fortune – estimated at around US$107 million for the year – was actually made from music?

Hey, you do what you gotta do. Well played, Queen Bey!

Here’s an older, slightly less cynical Christmas celebration…

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