On day #2 we managed to grab some time with dude-in-demand Didirri, while Cub Sport and Two Steps On The Water delivered stand-out sets.

Didirri’s BIGSOUND set really was an incredible little pouch of emotion; we heard more than one ‘shoosh’ from the glued crowd during the performance. “It’s so quiet! It’s so cool!” he tells us the morning after. “To the point where people feel weird about clapping sometimes. In Melbourne I was playing a gig and there was probably 10, 11 seconds of silence because I had my eyes closed and I didn’t give an indication that the song was finished. And someone was like…” Here he gives the wind-up to one huge, hesitant clap.

The dynamism of Didirri’s performance proves that his voice is a weapon; he does complete all of the “lame warm-ups” before going on-stage, because of two things: his history of having “thrashed” his voice performing eight-hour busking sets during his uni days, and something he learned from a speech pathologist.

“The one thing I was taught was that when you’re talking [is when it’s most important] to protect your voice,” he says. “I learned Aussie males have the most damaging accent in the world. If you’re at a pub, trying to speak loudly over the noise, they go lower, and they go more aggressive.”

Check out our fave snaps from the evening’s performances below:





Cub sport



Cub Sport


two steps on the water

Two Steps On The Water