Video game Just Dance 2020 is out now, and features a bunch of chart hits – and the odd older top tune – to flail about to. Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy is just one from the former category.

Recently the game’s makers, Ubisoft, called a bunch of Billie Eilish fans in to have a play on the game – and they had a secret. Considering the headline, you’re likely saying “Duh!” right now…

Yes, Ms Eilish was hiding in the wings wearing a jacket that looks like it was made from Nintendo’s Bowser, and went the stealthy sneaking-up-behind-you attack on her various acolytes as they were busy hurling limbs about the room to the chart-chomping hit.

Needless to say, reactions happened when the fans twigged to her presence. In some cases it took a while though – those girls were really getting into that game!

Grab Billie Eilish at JB Hi-Fi here. Check out our review of Just Dance 2020 here.

Now, here’s that video: