In a win for everybody who felt hard done by in the high school marks department, The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson has had an old ‘F’ grade turned into an ‘A’.

Music is, of course, subjective, but Wilson must have felt vindicated when his failing mark song, Surfin’, ended up as the first single by The Beach Boys – and earned them over a million dollars.

The teacher in question may very well have felt like a total schmuck, too.

Anyway, Wilson returned to Hawthorne High, his – and the rest of the band’s – high school recently for a walk down memory lane. He also had that mark adjusted somewhat upwards by the current principal.

Right. Time to indignantly scrabble through old schoolwork wishing we had the power to get the same treatment.

Meanwhile, here’s the song in question…

Go surfin’ with The Beach Boys at JB Hi-Fi.