Album cover artwork for Iron Maiden with three red vinyl recordsIn the latest in-studio video with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson has revealed that he still gets a massive kick out of those revelatory songwriting moments.

“The bit that I really love is when you hear something that inspires you, and it suggests a melody,” the vocalist enthuses. “From that melody, we then write a verse, and a bridge, and suddenly we’re searching for what you might call a chorus, a hook. And it… arrives. And you think, ‘Bingo, woah, yeah-yeah-yeah!’ That, for me, is the ‘come to Jesus’ moment. I love those moments.”

Dickinson and his five bandmates have just released Senjutsu, the 17th studio album from the Grammy-winning heavy metal lords. It follows 2015’s The Book Of Souls, which proved that global love for the group still runs as hot as their face-melting riffs; it hit #1 around the world (including in the UK and across Europe).

Check out Bruce waxing lyrical on the band’s creative journey below, and get your claws around Senjutsu, available now including on JB-exclusive red and black smoke vinyl (pictured above). Up the Irons!

Senjutsu by Iron Maiden is out now via Universal.

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