Album cover art for Bryan AdamsToday, Bryan Adams isn’t asking your forgiveness ‘cos he can’t stop loving you. He’s not telling you that everything he does, he does it for you. He’s thrown most of those sweet nothings in the bin, because his new message is much more direct: Bryan Adams reckons he simply “ain’t worth sh-t without you.”

And that is, effectively, the title of the rock maven’s new single, lifted from his album of earlier this year So Happy It Hurts. It’s a bit shocking considering the man’s previously schmaltzy lyrics, especially because artists usually get milder as they get older. Most people do, in fact… but Bryan Adams isn’t most people. Just look at him! He looks better now than he did at 25, which is the age he was when Summer of ’69 came out. He’s 62 now, for the record. Sorry about all those numbers.

But aside from all that: as you’d expect, it doesn’t really matter what the title of the song is, because Bryan’s voice and guitar chops still slam.

It also turns out that when you’re Bryan Adams you can bags the entirety of the (extremely empty) Royal Albert Hall in which to film your new clip. Watch the sweeping, black-and-white performance vid below, and obviously be warned: curse words incoming!

So Happy It Hurts by Bryan Adams is out now via BMG.

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