If you haven’t heard the catchy-as-velcro single from the undisputed lords of K-pop  that would be Butter, by BTS – then do that below right away; it’s been rightly touted as an A+ slice of pop perfection from every notable music outlet you might care to shake a twig at.

Yes, it’s been out for a month or so. But… BTS Army rejoice! The stellar Butter single boxset, featuring a pile of awesome goodies, will be available in JB Hi-Fi stores tomorrow!

Here’s what’s in this little beauty: one CD of the Butter single, one limited edition poster (of which there are two versions), one photo book (also two versions), two lyrics cards, one photo card (you get a random one of eight cards), one instant photo card, one graphic sticker (two versions), one folded message card (random one of seven cards), and one photo stand (two versions)!

There’s also the two colorways of the packaging: peaches (orange) and cream (yellow).

Please note, it’s totally random as to which version of the poster, photo book, photo card, sticker, message card and photo stand you will receive once you open your boxset!

Pre-order at JB now, or elbow your way to an IRL JB counter from Friday July 9, to get your paws on this limited edition set.

The Butter by BTS boxset is out July 9 via Bighit.