Online marketplace eBay often has interesting things pop up for sale, and this certainly fits into that category. You currently have the opportunity to purchase the rights to half a Prince song.

Sounds good? Well, you don’t get a choice of song, it’s debut single Soft and Wet off his For You album or nothing. Then there’s the “buy it now” price of US $490,000 – plus US $1 postage…

It’s been put up for sale by the guy who co-wrote the track with Prince, Chris Moon, and here’s his adverting blurb in case you need that little bit more of a huckster-styled push to drop the big bucks…

“Here is your chance to OWN A PRINCE HIT SONG, his first hit song and a song that has sold over 22 million copies worldwide, it was his first solo single, released in June 7, 1978 on his 20th birthday, from his debut album. Read on for the details…

This song I wrote for Prince named Soft & Wet was on his first album, it was the first song we did together and it was also on his first demo tape … it is the song that started it all and launched his career.

I wrote the lyrics and Prince wrote the music. When he was getting ready to release his first album with Warner Brothers, we signed a song royalty agreement in which we equally shared in the writing credits of the song. I got the writing royalties for the lyrics, he got the writing royalties for the music and ECNIRP took the publishing. He have been sharing in the royalties of that song over all these years … and still do.

I have owned Soft & Wet since I wrote it, I have enjoyed hearing the song countless times over the years, been paid well and am proud of it. I would now like to see someone else enjoy owning it, it has achieved everything and more for me so I feel it is time to pass the torch to a Prince fan who will continue to cherish and enjoy owning it as much as I have.

If you love Prince and his music I cannot imagine anything better than co-owning his first hit song with him. I will sign legal transfer over to you and you will be able to prove to the world Soft & Wet belongs to you. All my rights and ownership of lyrics to the song will be transferred to you, you will get a copy of the original contract between Prince and I legal recognizing my ownership and thus my right to transfer it to you. You will also receive a digital copy of his original version of the song as well as the album version and the MC Hammer version.”

Now let’s see, how much do we have in our piggy bank?

Still keen? Here’s the full eBay listing.

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