Earlier today Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and generally adored musician who will always want you to call her maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen, conducted an ‘Ask Me Anything’ crowd interview on the popheads subreddit. Here are the stand-out things we learned about the talented young performer.

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She once got left behind on tour

When asked her most embarrassing tour story, Carly recounted a time that she uncharacteristically slept through her alarm, and hence wasn’t the first one on the bus as she usually is – the reason, she says, that no one checked if she was aboard. “The bus, crew, and band had all moved on to the next city without me; I had to get in an Uber, and made it to the show just in time,” she said.

She loves Spice Girls

Spice Girls were her first taste of pop “in a very folk-filled house”, she said. “Wannabe and If You Can’t Dance are high on my list.”

She’s mad for the board game Catan

“I am obsessed,” she said. Later on another fan asked about her Catan strategy, to which she responded: “Longest road, waste of time. I say go for the city, get those cards as quickly as you can and never be shy of a development card – those can be secretly very useful.”

She finds producer collaborators by letting the music do the walking

“If different producers and writers are keen to collaborate, then usually a friendship is formed, and that’s when the real magic happens,” she said. She added: “The way I discovered Dev Hynes [AKA Blood Orange] was falling in love with a Solange song he co-wrote and produced called Losing You.”

In a collab-fantasy cagefight between Lana Del Rey and Lorde, it’s a tie

“I love both of those ladies so that would be a dream,” she said. “I’ve been able to perform with Lorde a couple of times at Jack Antonoff’s Ally Coalition shows.”

She wants to write a pop musical, and she loves chess

A fan noted Carly’s passion for chess, and asked if  her love extended into the musical realm of ABBA’s Bjorn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson-penned West End musical Chess. “I just discovered the musical Chess as of yesterday (not kidding),” she answered. “My passion for musicals has been a lifelong love affair… I do have a dream of making a pop musical one day but I haven’t figured out exactly what that would look like yet.”

At the moment she’s digging Doja Cat and some jazz greats

“I’ve been really into jazz like Chet Baker and Billie Holiday,” she said.

Cats and dogs

She’s equally dedicated to the feline as the canine. “I thought I was a dog person until my cat Jupiter landed in my life, and now I’m a lover of both,” she said.

If she wasn’t a singer, she’d still be writing

Acknowledging she’s pondered the question a lot lately, Carly said if she wasn’t revelling in her current career she’d still be writing. “I think because I’m so into storytelling, I would love to be a novelist!”

She has wholesome hobbies

Yer girl likes to get out and about in her spare time, but also has room for kitchen adventures. “I love hiking and I’m getting more and more into coking lately,” she said. “I make a mean home-made pasta.”

There’s a Charlie XCX collab coming

In response to a fan’s question about Carly’s experience working with Charli XCX on the latter’s single Backseat, and whether they’d ever cosider writing and recording together again, Carly had this to say: “We’ve been kind of chatting about the idea to be honest with you. (I dunno if that’s a secret or not.)”

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