Album cover artwork for Unreleased by PowderfingerOne month after dropping a song so nostalgic you could practically feel the corduroy pants on your legs, Powderfinger have announced the release of an album of ‘new’ material, coming next month.

We use those inverted commas because while no one’s ever heard these tracks, they were written and demo’d many moons ago, between 1998 – 2010; the afore-mentioned track already released, Day By Day, comes from Vulture Street-era recordings (2003).

Here’s the story, from the presser:

“Located on various hard drives and tapes hidden in the depths of the band’s archives, they discovered around 50 unreleased songs whilst compiling the 20th anniversary deluxe edition of Odyssey Number Five. The band have selected what they feel could be some of their best shelved material for Unreleased in 10 songs which, for one reason or another, just didn’t make an album cut or didn’t suit the purposes of what they were doing at the time.”

And that works out just fine for the Fingerheads (please, anyone, give me another fandom name option here), who we can trust will be first in line to get the bone vinyl available at JB (and of course, there’s also CD).