Brisbane four-piece Cub Sport have released new track Always Got the Love, and if this is where they’re are going next, kindly throw down the rope-ladder because we are getting on this wagon immediately.

In the clip for the new track, drummer Dan Puusaari spins a two-step club beat (in a Bowser-esque shoulder-spiked herringbone jacket, thanks), while vocalist Tim Nelson appears in an incredible white deconstructed get-up (looking very angelic) in front of a giant scallop seashell (much like Botticelli’s Venus), while the packed club goes nuts around him. Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Glorious!

“I’ve always felt like the songs that people can cry to are important but I think being able to celebrate and move is equally important and that’s kind of where I’m at right now,” Nelson says of Always Got the Love. “I wanna make music that makes people feel uplifted.”

He goes on to say that this track captures a particular moment of “pure rapture” – a beach-stop on a road trip in 2021 – and turns it into “dance floor euphoria.”

He’s got that right.

Watch/listen below.

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