22 years ago – so that would be 1996 – an episode of The Simpsons called Homerpalooza aired, featuring several bands in Springfield’s take on the Lollapalooza festival, Hullabalooza.

While Homer went about being shot in the tummy repeatedly with cannonballs, Smashing Pumpkins ate watermelon and Sonic Youth raided Peter Frampton’s Esky, Cypress Hill put in a request for the London Symphony Orchestra to play with them – “Possibly while high”.

It’s taken a while – we won’t ponder the possibilities as to why – but now the hooking up of the Californian hip-hop legends and the British orchestral legends is in the throes of being a thing.

Hip hop legends Cypress Hill have revealed they are “actively speaking” with the L.S.O. to make their iconic collaboration on The Simpsons happen in the real world.

It started as a bit of a gag last year, but apaprently things have become more real, with Cypress Hill’s B-Real telling Music Feeds they’re “figuring out how to make it work, to play our Black Sunday album together. We don’t have a date, it’s still tentative, we’re trying to work out all the details.”

Hopefully if and when it happens they’ll be able to borrow Frampton’s ex-Pink Floyd inflatable pig.

While we wait for this ace collaboration, here’s the theme from The Simpsons played in wonderful style by Sonic Youth, as featured in Homerpalooza‘s end credits.

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