It’s possibly an apology for that promo photo above, or it could be an entirely different request for forgiveness, but either way Danny Elfman has let loose a new single, entitled Sorry.

If you’re expecting something with gothic tinges then you’d be on the right track, but that track would also feature a guitar rock out that would cut it with the best of such things from the prog world of the 1970s and a snarling, industrial-edged vocal.

Sorry was the first song I’ve written for myself in a long time,” says Elfman. “It began as an obsessive choral-chant instrumental work, which at the time I called ‘alien orchestral chamber punk’ and evolved slowly into a song. I was surprised by the amount of rage I’d been storing inside myself which came bursting out as soon as I applied my voice.”

Here’s the song and video all in one neat little package. We should also type the words ‘LANGUAGE’ and ‘WARNING’:

Danny Elfman at JB Hi-Fi.