As Dave Grohl and his Foo Fighters let rip around Australia, something that happened at Saturday’s Perth gig is getting a whole lot of attention.

A yahoo named Jevon – with a ‘J’- managed to evade what must be a bunch of very red-faced security people and used the front of stage runway to make it all the way to Dave, as the Foos were belting out encore Everlong.

It seems that Jevon (with a ‘J’) just wanted to give Dave a hug and, coolness of coolness, Mr Grohl reciprocated, chatted with him a bit and jokingly told the guy to, “Get the f*ck off my stage”.

Luckily it all ended up a bit of fun, and Jevon with a ‘J’ is revelling in his 15 minutes of fame.

Seriously, just when you think you have a coolness reading on Dave – like here – he raises the bar.

Here’s footage of all of Everlong thanks to ace YouTuber Natralally – the incident occurs just on the three minute mark, and we must add an obligatory LANGUAGE WARNING

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