Dido Still On My MindAtmospheric and electronica-licked, Hurricanes is the brand new track from Dido – and the best-selling London artist has signalled she has an album on the way.

Still On My Mind will be Dido’s fifth studio album and her first in five years; it was written and recorded in partnership with her brother and longtime collaborator Rollo (one third of British electronica icons Faithless). She’s said of the LP’s creation: “It was simple: I only wanted to make another album if it was with him. It was made in such an easy way, all the vocals recorded on the sofa, a lot of it recorded at home.”

Check out Hurricanes below, and if you like you can pre-order Still On My Mind wildly early at JB right now.

Still On My Mind is out March 8, 2019, via BMG.

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