Inkrewsive – Australia’s only hip hop crew comprised of people living with a disability – have just dropped a track illuminating their experiences in pandemic-mandated isolation, titled Iso Rap.

Inkrewsive is an initiative of the community arts program Wild At Heart, which brings together people who experience disability, mental illness and disadvantage, with professional artists to tell their stories through music and artmaking. The crew’s eight members – who have worked with UK-born, Oz-residing rapper Motley and revered hip hop choreographer and dancer Demi Sorono – were drawn together via their love of hip hop beats, and rap’s powers of personal expression.

Normally a very in-person affair, Inkrewsive were hit particularly hard by social distancing restrictions, but decided that cancelled rehearsals, gigs and a major ongoing project shouldn’t mean the loss of their creative outlet.

MCs Victoria Batsanis, Shea MacDonough, Leigh Mullucks, Pippa Swanick, Trevor Virag, Ian Morhun, Andrew Nicholades and Michael Merakis began meeting weekly on Zoom, which led to the writing and filmed performance of each part of Iso Rap. The parts were assembled under the artful eyes of Wild At Heart’s Artistic Director Phil Heuzenroede.

Check out the awesome track and clip below, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming mini-doco Making Of, and peep all of Inkrewsive’s work on their YouTube channel!