UK DIY singer/songwriter Dodie has unleashed a video for Monster, a track from her new EP Human. But this is only a mere taste of her incredible creativity.

The very cool video follows a “monster” putting itself out there in a search of a bit of lovin’ via some pretty horrorific dates.

While the song oozes Dodie’s wonderfully out-there creative style, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet (as a certain Canadian rock band once advised us).

Dodie has also released a video to her YouTube channel of an alternate version of another song from her EP, named Arms Unfolding. That’s would be a pretty unremarkable feat if that were all there was to it, but this version of the song has actually been coming for a long time.

This Arms Unfolding has been sticky-taped together using words snatched from a bunch of some 20-plus videos that Dodie has released over the past nine months, and the whole thing was immaculately planned out. Each of the words that featured in those original videos was sung in the right key in readiness for the eventual cut and paste song to come together properly.

It does sound a bit odd – in a way it reminds us of the game Portal‘s GLaDOS singing – but it certainly is quite a feat.

So, here’s Dodie’s very cool “secret scrapbook song” take on Arms Unfolding – and the properly recorded track underneath, for comparison.