It’s time to check out Dune Rats’ absolutely joy-choked new song and clip, UP – and we bet our tax return you won’t be sitting still by the end of it.

UP was written on the far South Coast of Australia in a small town called Eden,” the band says of the track. “It was bloody freezing at the time, so it felt necessary to write a summer tune. We ended up making this feel-good banger that was way different from anything we’d written before.

“We stumbled across the song while having a good time f-cking around and cracking each other up. At first, we were reluctant to show anyone because of how different it sounded, but eventually thought ‘F-ck it’, and embraced the tuneski!”

And they’re not wrong about the “different” part. Yes, you still get a good dollop of that brash punk lunacy which Danny, Brett and BC are so adept at serving. But there’s also something distinctly new about this offering – a bit of an Offspring vibe, maybe?

Meanwhile, the clip depicts our hero-trio as posties, delivering shiny little boxes of tax return cash to the good people of Oz. Cue the ecstatic La La Land-esque pirouettes! “It took a couple of weeks to learn the UP dance in between every rehearsal, sound check and show during our Duniespalooza shows in Brisbane,” the guys say of the chorey rigmarole. ” Then we went straight into a three-day shoot with a nasty four-nights-in-a-row hangover… Was intense, but more than worth it!”

Check out the good times below.

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