Album cover artwork for Dune Rats with neon pink vinyl record popping outBeloved punk goofs Dune Rats have released the third single from their upcoming third album Real Rare Whale, and it’s the “closest thing to a love song” they’ve ever written.

It’s accompanied by a deadset adorable video featuring bassist Brett Jansch’s sister Kelly, who appears along with her partner Ellie.

“[The song] grew from meeting a young couple at a bar who talked about a time when they were on acid and believed if they tried hard enough, they could melt into each other, creating one person,” the Brissie three-piece. explain “We reckon you can meet people throughout life, whether it be romantic or not, that you become so close too and in tune with, that you become one.”

The track is lifted from Real Rare Whale, their third album, the release of which has been delayed until July 29 due to vinyl manufacturing issues. Real Rare Whale follows the trio’s previous consecutive #1 ARIA albums, 2020’s Hurry Up and Wait (2020) and The Kids Will Know It’s Bullsh-t (2017).

Real Rare Whale by Dune Rats is out Jul 29 via BMG.

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