When it comes to pop, Elton John rocks. But when it comes to rap? He’s breaking our hearts!

The latest in the long-running series of “You’re not you…” Snickers ads, this one from the UK, sees the pop legend taking part in a rap battle, as the hungry alter ego of US rapper Boogie.

It’s as incongruous as all get out, and it’s ace.

Elt has long championed new music, and is wonderfully genre agnostic.

“Most people already know I’ve long been an advocate of hip-hop, and that’s why I wanted be a part of this – I got to hang out with Boogie and some great hip-hop talent from the UK too,” said John of the experience.

Boogie backs this up.

“Connecting with Elton John was huge. His musical knowledge is crazy, he’s super in tune with current hip-hop.”

Here it is. Apologies for any munchies onsets that it may cause.