The mighty Elton John has announced that, following one last really big one, he’s calling time on touring the world.

Following hot on the heels of Neil Diamond’s similar announcement due to ill health, Elton still has plenty of oomph, but he just can’t be shagged touring in the future – mainly to spend more time with his kids. That being said, he’s going out with not just a bang, but a total wallop with a three-year long farewell tour. Three years!

He does promise to keep creating though, and there’s the possibility of future residencies – it’s just a retirement from touring.

The ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ global tour will commence in the US on September 8 this year, then head to Europe in April 2019, Asia in November 2019, Australia and New Zealand from December 2019 to February 2020 (three months of Aussie Elton!) and South America in March 2020, before returning to Europe and the UK in late 2020 and finishing up in North America in 2021. In all, Elton will play over 300 shows.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

The announcement came at a swank New York press conference, where journos experienced a VR history of Elton John, before the man himself appeared and played Tiny Dancer and I’m Still Standing. Why don’t we get invited to these sorts of press conferences?! (Uh, geography – Ed.)

I’m not Cher – even though I like wearing her clothes.

Elton then held a lengthy chat with those present, regaling them with his love for Gucci – who are providing bespoke tour outfits – to forgetting that he wrote all that music for The Lion King. He also wanted to make it clear that when he shuffles off he doesn’t want to go holographic, saying “I said to Zachary, my eldest, ‘When Daddy dies, promise me there won’t be a hologram going around the world doing concerts’. It’s like doing a duet album with someone who’s dead – it’s so spooky. Who knows – they may go broke and then put me back on the f*cking stage, but I think that’s a bit freaky.”

Farewell Yellow Brick Road - Elton John

Elton also spilled on the song he likes performing least – which anybody who saw him in Kingsman: The Golden Circle will know already. It’s Crocodile Rock, but gentleman that he is he also acknowledged that it’s a guilty pleasure for many, which is why he still performs it.

Here’s the VR experience looking back at some highlights of an incredible career…

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