Beyoncé has officially announced a new studio album, titled Renaissance – and it’s barely a couple of weeks away.

Within the last two days, a placeholder image popped up on the artist’s website – just like a quiet little mushroom in the dark – with the caption “Image – B7”, which fans quickly deduced referred to the fact this will be Beyoncé’s seventh record.

But true and committed devotees figured something was up earlier this week when the artist’s foundation BeyGOOD tweeted a gorgeous collage of covers from albums by Black musicians in celebration of Black Music Month.

Hark – whose album is that on the bottom row, one column in? It’s an image we’ve never seen before. It’s an elegant arm in a red elbow-length glove, pointing to the left. Odd. And what is to this image’s left?

It’s yer gal Brandy’s 2020 album… titled B7.

The official announcement came by way of TIDAL (the streaming service owned by Beyoncé’s husband, rapper Jay-Z), and suggests that Renaissance may actually be one in a series of albums:

Keep your peepers peeled for more news on the way, and meanwhile, let’s enjoy this belter from Bey’s last album Lemonade (2016).

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Header images from VOGUE July 2022, @beyonce.