Florence + the Machine have covered Fleetwood Mac for a live session, but they haven’t gone any of the more obvious routes.

Instead they’ve gone their own way (sorry, we’ll stand in the naughty corner for that) and covered the B-side to Rumours smash ‘Go Your Own Way’, ‘Silver Springs’.

The song was originally intended to be included on the album by the Mac, but ultimately wasn’t considered strong enough – by some members of the band. Florence obviously sides with Stevie Nicks, who wrote the song about her deteriorating relationship with Lindsey Buckingham. Fleetwood Mac did end up releasing it as a single from their 1997 live album The Dance, so the song obviously grew on the rest of them – and it also nabbed them a Grammy nomination.

Florence’s stripped back take comes from a SiriusXM session.

An early take on ‘Silver Springs’ appears on the ‘Deluxe Edition’ 35th anniversary re-release of Rumours. Check it out here.