Dave Grohl’s habit of inviting crowd members on stage to play with the Foo Fighters is admirable, but it helps when they know when to leave.

At the Nashville show on their current tour, Dave invited eight-year-old “Little Fonzie” on stage, and Taylor Hawkins was given the heave-ho so that the kid could show off his drumming chops.

He did. They were impressive. But much like Status Quid (see way down below) he just didn’t know when to stop. As Dave quipped after another false ending, “Hey Little Fonzie, can I have my concert back?”

The kid was finally extracted from the drums, only to then come up front and hang with Dave, who managed to shake the excited wee fan with the promise of a can of Coke.

Rock ‘n’ roll!

Check it out here – with a LANGUAGE WARNING. Seriosuly Dave, you shouldn’t cuss like that around little kids. Even if they do try to upstage you.

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As a bonus, here’s Status Quid (aka The HeeBeeGeeBees) on Countdown back in 1982…

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