In the 1980s, everybody wanted their music released on CD. In the ’90s, boasting a cassingle in your catalogue was cool and, more recently, vinyl has had a mass resurgence in popularity with artists and public alike. But now you’re nothing unless you have your musical wares released on a cookie.

Yes, a biscuit. More specifically, an Oreo.

In a wild advertising ploy, Wiz Khalifa’s latest jam, a song promoting Oreo that orbits around their “stay playful” tag, is being released on a cookie…

The Oreo people actually let out a cookie player last year, which functions much like a turntable. You pop your bickie platter on, swing the tone arm across and before you can say “Crumbs!”, you’re hearing music. Having an outbreak of Cookie Monsterism and can’t resist having a bit of a nibble? No worries, you can pop your half-chomped Oreo back on and it’ll play something else.

Whoa, how did they create this feat of incredible audio playback engineering? Well, like so many good things in life, it’s all sleight of hand. As you may have guessed already, the Oreo isn’t really played, the sound all comes from the player itself.

Still, it’s very cool and we want one! Although our diet may not agree.

Here’s a preview of a longer ad to come during the Grammys on February 10 featuring Wiz’s new track, available soon (kind of) on cookie:

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