Honestly, we wish we were you, so that we could get to watch the absolutely top-notch and genuinely LOL-generating new clip from Hilltop Hoods again for the first time. But what do you expect from director Nash Edgerton?

First-off, yes, the Hoods are back with a brill new track called Show Business, the premise of which is great in itself. Here’s the story of its main hook as told by MC Suffa:

“The idea for Show Business came from something my buddy Dools used to say to me whenever he’d call me on the road. I’d inevitably be stuck at a gas station in the middle of nowhere with a hangover whenever he’d call, weeks away from getting home, and he’d always laugh and say ‘What, and quit show business?’ The downs can be quite serious in the music business, particularly over the last two years, but the ups make it worth it. Eamon was the perfect guest for this song, as he’s experienced all of the ‘ins and outs’ of the industry. Apart from that, we are huge fans of his music.”

Director Nash Edgerton (if you’re unsure of his pedigree, just take the tiniest squiz at his Wiki page), dreamed up the frankly excellent clip, which, if we weren’t clear, has made our morning.

Watch below, and let us be the first to declare that the young woman who plays the kids’ queen? She’s gonna be big.

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