Album cover art for Genesis OwusuMulti ARIA-winning Ghanaian-Australian musical mastermind Genesis Owusu has dropped a new track and beautifully-shot video, which clues us in to the artist’s direction post-Smiling With No Teeth (2021).

Beginning with otherworldy “oooh”s, Owusu’s beautiful flow unfurls as the back-up vocal melody turns into a haunting synth line. It’s accompanied by thumping analog instrumentation co-written by Genesis and a reduced version of his recording band, which includes Michael DiFrancesco (Touch Sensitive), Jono Ma (producer/musical director and member of Jagwa Ma) and OURNESS label founder, Andrew Klippel.

The clip, meanwhile, is an amusingly gothic tale about one man and his insect-interrupted shrine-time…

In the presser material, Owusu has included a short manifesto which appears to indicate a new persona:

There are many people like Roach. Strugglers, doing whatever they can to get through hell and high water. Bankruptcy, depression, sickness; God himself can try to stand in the way, but a struggler has to keep struggling. And a Roach has to keep Roaching. Even when it’s told to GTFO.



Anyone getting some Bono “The Fly” vibes from that header image?

Watch the brilliant thing below, and head to JB to get your mitts on Owusu’s decorated album of last year, Smiling With No Teeth.

WARNING: This track contains lyrics which may be offensive to some viewers!