Weezer’s Black Album isn’t far off now, and tracks are starting to ooze out from it, just like oil which, erm, is also black.

OK, we lost our way a bit in that intro, but anyway.

A video for catchy-as track High as a Kite has dropped, and this one actually features the band themselves appearing, rather than being represented by stand-ins like here and here.

It welcomes us to Mr Rivers’ Neighborhood, riffing on American kid show institution Mr Rogers’ Neighborhood (which in turn is being honoured soon in a Tom Hanks-starring biopic). This one doesn’t quite go to kiddie TV script, however.

Weezer’s The Black Album hits on March 1, while The Teal Album – which is chock full of cool cover versiony goodness – lands on March 8.

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Right-o, here’s the vid:

Still here? Check out another track from The Black Album, Living in LA: