Everyone’s calling HAIM’s new song “Lou Reed-inspired”, but if you get down to the wire, what that really means is it has a sweet li’l saxophone line.

But it is also true to say that it has a blithe, sunny beat that matches the sauntering the sisters do across LA as they peel off all manner of jumpers and tees. The video is directed by frequent HAIM collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson (he also did everyone’s fave Right Now, along with Little Of Your Love and Night So Long), and it’ll really give you pangs for the warmer months.

The story behind the song’s premise, as told by primary vocalist Danielle Haim, may also give you a sting in the heart: “I started the song when I found out my partner had cancer. I was on tour and felt like I was trying to send positive energy his way almost telepathically. Whenever I would come home in between shows I wanted to be his sunshine – his summer when he was feeling dark. His hope when he was feeling hopeless.”

Watch below, and join us in putting it on repeat for the rest of the morning.