Whenever we think “boy band” we think of South Park. We’re weird like that. But Harry Styles has managed to leave the boy band world of One Direction in his wake during their “hiatus” – and this performance won’t harm his burgeoning rep, either.

BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge is a hotbed of big artist experimentation, and this is no exception as Styles and band hit Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours monster The Chain in, well, style. They nailed the awesome middle bass bit, too!

Trivia buffs may like to know that The Chain was the only song on Rumours that saw the entire band sharing songwriting credits. You may think that meant that they all actually got along OK for a short while, however the track is actually a Frankenstein’s monster, with disparate bits of different songs spliced together over a new drum and bass tracks.

Where were we? Oh yeah, Harry. Here you go…

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