Nick Cave is a living legend, and if plans go, well, to plan, then he’ll be immortalised in a giant statue in his hometown of Warracknabeal, in Victoria’s north-west.

Not only will it be a giant statue – joining other similar artworks in the town like depictions of sheep – it will feature Mr Cave on horseback, in a rather heroic pose that the man himself has declared is “a rather beautiful piece of homoerotic art.”

The statue was conceived by Cave and British sculptor Corin Johnson back in the 1990s. The picture above is but a model of what would be life-sized (they haven’t gone and done a Spinal Tap-like Stonehenge…), and if it’s to see the light of day – and poop of bird – then it needs help with its funding.

To this end, you can pop along to and commit your dollarydoos towards helping make this wondrous piece of art a reality – as well as helping youth of the area in the field of arts via the creation of the Dawn and Colin Cave Youth Foundation, named after Cave’s parents.

At the time of writing just $1,265 of a hoped-for $250,000 has been raised, so hopefully fans will dig deep to help make this absolutely glorious thing a reality.

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