Justin Bieber released his first new music of the year a few days ago, with Yummy proving a divisive tune; now the clip (directed by Iranian fashion filmmaker Bardia Zeinali) is here, and it’s aspic-alicious.

Watch below as Biebs (in dusty pink sweats with matching lid) chows down on a variety of colourful dishes, most of which seem to share an obsessive focus on that particularly revolting mid-century tradition: aspic (gelatin) molds. There’s a string quartet (though the pop bop contains no strings itself), lots of neat outfits, and group dancing. (Do you think the double-handed spaghetti-eating move is gona take off?)

Also, there are a couple of pretty weird, blink-and-you’ll-miss-’em warps of Justin’s face: notably his eyebrows, eyeballs, and chin. Here’s an example of the chin bit:

The singer has also announced an all-access YouTube series which will document the making of his upcoming album, described as a “raw, powerful and intimate look at Bieber’s process of creating new music and the motivation for this new album told through the lens of his closest confidants, friends, collaborators and Bieber himself.” It drops on Jan 27; as yet, no details of the album itself.