album cover artwork for Holy Holy with clear vinyl LP popping outYou may have had an inkling Holy Holy were about to announce their fourth album, what with the two excellent singles that floated down into our eagerly upturned hands over the last six months. And lo, the Melbourne duo have delivered.

Hello My Beautiful World is slated to arrive on August 20, and features contributions from Japanese Wallpaper, CLEWS, The Presets’ Kim Moyes, and composer Toby Alexander. Oscar Dawson says of these collabs: “When we work with people from different genres, it’s not that we’re totally different from them… Music genres aren’t black-and-white. It’s all about the grey zone where the two of you meet in the middle… You’re similar enough to be together in the first place; but where you differ is where the light can come through.” How eloquently put.

And where, pray tell, can we expect the album to go in a lyrical sense? “Dreams are a theme,” says vocalist Tim Carroll. “Dreams you have when you’re sleeping. Not the dreams you come up with when you’re awake. Not a series of desires. Dreams where you have no control, and you scare yourself.”

Well, we can’t wait to hear more, especially after the absolute banger the band have released to accompany the album announcement. Listen to Believe Anything below, and go get your pre-order game on at JB Hi-Fi.

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