Oz country icon Kasey Chambers has just released a cover – not the one we needed, perhaps, but the one we deserved – and you’re going to want to sit down to hear it.

And just like that, your favourite song is now Kasey’s haunting, banjo version of Eminem’s 2002 hit Lose Yourself.

Look, we weren’t expecting this for our Friday morning either.

Kasey explains the aural ambrosia thusly: “Eminem has been one of my favourite songwriters for many years. We listen to a lot of him in our house. I’ve been mostly influenced in my life by writers who bravely put fearless emotion into lyrics and no one does that better than Eminem. I don’t really care too much about what genre music fits into, just that the sound comes from a real, authentic place from inside the artist.  Eminem makes me feel things when I hear him. Not always the most comfortable things but I’m not sure that music is always meant to make us feel comfortable.”

Watch Kasey perform the track live from Newcastle’s Civic Theatre, below.

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