Yes, ‘spaghetti’ is only a near-rhyme for ‘twenty’, but let’s not dwell on the trivial and frankly boring details of my Poetry License when the fact of the matter is: ISOL-AID is holding its 20th event tomorrow!

We should also mention straight up that as part of the celebrations, these legends are offering 20% off all their merch for the next week, which makes donating (which is the best thing you can do for artists during COVID, seeing as 100% of all merch/music sales via the site go to directly the musicians) mega-easy.

Meanwhile, y’know the gorgeous poster artwork for ISOL-AID which you’ve been seeing each and every week, marvelling at its cannily-executed ability to mesh theme and aesthetic? It’s the work of Sebi White, who is in fact a musician himself, and the son of Andy White – and the pair are going to kick off tomorrow’s setlist! Isn’t that neat?

There’ll also be slots from First Nations singer-songwriter Rachael Lia, folk-rock maven Jim Lawrie, Hobart’s synth-disco lizard queen Scraps, mercurial folk-gal Bec Skyes (who just won the Josh Pyke Partnership), neo-soul artist Natalie Slade, the UK’s Roch and Matilda Mann, and more! The full list with slot times is below.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate ISOL-AID co-founder Emily Ulman (you can read our chat with her from way back in week #2 of the ISOL-AID series right here), who a couple of days ago was awarded a grant as part of the Victorian government’s much-needed aid package to the arts sector. She said: “Until now, I’ve managed to fund Isol-Aid by spending my JobKeeper, dipping into my savings and using the old credit card. It’s an amazing feeling, and a huge relief, to be able to pay off my debt, pay people who until now have worked for free, top-up donations to performers, create some new jobs and, more importantly, allay my parents’ fears that I will go broke keeping the festival going.”

Well done Emily, we applaud you! To everyone else: charge yer phone, pour yer wine, and giddy-up for ISOL-AID #20!

list of musician performing for ISOL-AID 20