Album cover artwork for Justice by Justin BieberCanadian pop-lord Justin Bieber is just about to release his sixth studio album (which follows last year’s #1 worldwide smash Changes), Justice, and this week gave us two separate peeks into the making of the clip for juggernaut single Hold On.

The cinematic affair is another collaboration with director Colin Tilley, who is a titan of the music video arena, having created Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda, Iggy Azalea’s Savior, Kendrick Lamar’s These Walls, and over 200 other short-form music films.

The first bonus clip is the video itself with pop-up text slates giving some fascinating insight into the process; for example, Justin and co-star Christine Cho didn’t have a single rehearsal before filming, and met just before acting out their opening scene in which the pair – in the video, a couple – are processing an as-yet-unexplained emotional trauma in their kitchen. “We really had to jump right into being incredibly vulnerable with each other,” it’s revealed by Cho. “He emphasized how much he wanted to tell this story so people don’t give up hope no matter what difficulties life hands them. That really spoke to me.”

The second clip is a true behind-the-scenes look at how Tilley and his team filmed many of the shots, including the fast-paced motorcycle chase (many of the stunts of which, it’s revealed in the first clip, were performed by Bieber himself).

Take a look at both vids below.

Justice by Justin Bieber is out March 19 via Def Jam.

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