Back in 1984, INXS album The Swing was the thing – and so were cassettes.

A limited edition one featuring six remixes and a cover version was released entitled Dekadance. It was just a tape jammed into a cigarette packet-like flip-top cardboard box, but it was highly-desirable for its content, and ended up quite a collector’s item. What a shame we completely wore ours out in the car.

Anyway, in celebration of this September being 35 years since the release of The Swing, Dekadance is coming back – but this time on vinyl for the first time (well, other than insanely rare promos).

As well as remixes of Original Sin, I Send a Message, Burn for You, Dancing on a Jetty, Melting in the Sun and Love Is (What I Say), it will also include the cover of country classic Jackson that features Jenny Morris – then of QED – duetting with Michael Hutchence.

You can pre-order Dekadance now at JB Hi-Fi.