Album artwork with red vinyl record popping outJimmy Barnes and his Cold Chisel bandmate Don Walker have known one another since Chisel’s inception, back in the early ’70s. Walker was responsible, Barnes says, for exposing him to some of the greats that would influence his solo output.

“I remember I first heard Bruce Springsteen when I was 16, and Don Walker played me Greetings from Ashbury Park,” he told us during our interview for new album Flesh And Blood, out today. “And it was like nothing I’d ever heard before! I remember going, ‘Oh sh-t, that’s not what I’ve been listening to.’

“I’d been listening to bloody glam rock. In the matter of a week, Don played me Greetings From Ashbury Park, and also Bob Dylan, Nashville Skyline. So suddenly as a 16-year-old I’ve gone, ‘Oh, wow! This is what music is all about! This is something to look forward to.’”

Read our full interview with Jimmy Barnes here, read our feature review of the album here, and head into JB Hi-Fi to get your mitts on Barnesy’s new album Flesh And Blood, which comes on a number of formats including JB-exclusive blood red vinyl (pictured above).

Flesh And Blood by Jimmy Barnes is out now via Bloodlines.

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