This Saturday our favourite Insta-live-streaming fest ISOL-AID is bringing you a cross-over episode that rivals any other you care to recall: musicians who are also frontline workers. And it’s brought to you by one of the very best in that category: Sydney singer-songwriter Gordi.

Say the legendary ISOL-AID organisers: “Though these times have been (ha ha yep were saying it…) unprecedented, one facet of the COVID-19 crisis has been never changing – the strength, bravery and selflessness of our frontline workers. We figured it was high time we paid homage to the folks that have really given everything. The intersection of frontline workers and musicians goes to show that these people are not only busy saving lives and kickin’ medical ass, there’s also some absolutely SUPER-human workers who are also very talented musicians… we couldn’t be more excited if we tried.”

The welcome will be hosted by Gordi along with music therapist, composer and singer-songwriter Dr Emma O’Brien AO, after which Emma will perform. Following that we’ll be treated to a set from Royal Melbourne Hospital music therapist (primarily in the oncology, palliative and aged care wards) Dave Evans (The Band Who Knew Too Much); Melbourne-based orchestra of doctors, medial students and health professionals Corpus Medicorum; a chat between Gordi and Radio Birdman’s Deniz Tek (who’s also an emergency surgeon); surgeon-by-day and Bad//Dreems rocker-by-night Dr Alex Cameron, and of course, Gordi herself.

There’ll also be sets in between from myriad awesome names including Georgia Maq, Hip Hop Hoe, Vladik, Jade Empress and more.

This is going to be an amazing opportunity to hear our frontline workers in candid conversation about the pandemic, not to mention the absolutely stellar music on show. Check out the full line-up with set times below, and don’t forget that 100% of all proceeds to music and merch bought via the ISOL-AID site goes straight to the musos involved! Get purchasin’.