South London sonic poet laureate and beacon of slightly grimy hope Jamie T has announced his follow-up to 2016’s Trick, which will be titled The Theory of Whatever, and features lead single The Old Style Raiders, released today.

So what’s our lad been doing all this time? Writing a tone of songs – upwards of 180 of them, apparently – and then hunching over his guitar and keyboard in his East London home studio to go over, and over, and over them. He freely admits he was meandering somewhat lost, and unsure whether his ideas were any good Then one day, a penny dropped.

“I found this track that I had recorded, pretty much fully finished,” he describes. “And I was really upset, because I realised that I’d spent the last six months asking other people to tell me if something was good. Then I heard this track and I just immediately knew I’d kind of found my path.”

That track was the very one below: The Old Style Raiders. And are we crazy, or is Jamie giving us immensely War-era Bono vibes? It’s a gobsmacking track, and Jamie says of its message: “It’s fighting to find something that means enough to you that you love. The fight to find that, and to carry on striving, to find something you love enough to hold on to.”

The Theory of Whatever by Jamie T is due out July 29 via Universal.

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