Album cover art for Belle and Sebastian with black vinyl record popping outGummy bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere – and even, during one very special moment in 2015, into the mouth of John Hamm. Thrown there by Zack Galifianakis. While on stage at Bonnaroo. As Belle and Sebastian played to 80,000 people.

Yes, this delightful bit of of ridiculousness has been recalled with great affection by Mad Men actor John Hamm, in his introduction to the second singe from Belle and Sebastian’s upcoming album A Bit of Previous, out next month. Here’s his full tale:

“In 2015 at Bonnaroo, Belle and Sebastian invited Zach Galifianakis and me up to the stage during their set to toss gummy bears in each other’s mouths. Then Stuart got into the fun and demanded a catch as well.  It was dramatic, stupid, and done with style and grace. I know I can speak for Zach when I say ‘I want to thank them for their inclusion of us into their show.’  I know the audience was simply confused, but we were absolutely delighted.  Please enjoy this new album with a gummy bear of your choice, and think fondly of all of us.”

Adorable, no?

The fresh track is, fittingly, Young and Stupid, and it comes on the heels of A Bit of Previous’s first track Unnecessary Drama. Watch below.

A Bit of Previous by Belle & Sebastian is out May 6 via Matador/Remote Control.

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