Josh of The Teskey Brothers and Ash Grunwald have put their talents together to come up with a new blues-influenced album.

Entitled Push the Blues Away – a perfect 2020 title – the album is set to drop on November 13. You can pre-order now at JB on CD or vinyl.

Another taste of the long-player, following on from Thinking ‘bout Myself, is new single Hungry Heart. It’s no Bruce Springsteen cover, rather a tender love letter penned by Josh Teskey.

Says Josh of the track: “After spending many years running away, attempting to push the blues away, Hungry Heart is the happy ending, the moment when I stopped running away and found and accepted love. The song is basically the story of spending your whole life searching for love and finding it. The hungry heart is fed! I dedicate this song to my incredible life partner Hannah and our daughter Ayva”.

Meanwhile, Ash says: “One of the many things that Josh has bought to this album is light and optimism that comes with those really nice major keys melodies, it’s much needed on this album I think because a lot of the stuff I bring to the table is very much in a minor key and sad blues, but the two tracks Josh has bought bring the folky lighter flavours and ‘Hungry Heart’ almost has a slight old school gospel flavour paired with the folky acoustic blues stylings it’s perfect.”

Until there’s a video, you can listen to Hungry Heart in the usual places. Here’s the vid for Thinking ’bout Myself: